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When Google Can’t Get A Grip on Hijacked Listings

There are certain industries around the world where hijacked Google business pages are so abundant and so blatant that finding a legitimate business page, is the same as finding a needle in the proverbial haystack.

So what happens when Google can’t get a grip on these hijacked listings? Frustrated users step in with this…

Hijacked Google Business Page


The above user has become so frustrated with the situation that he has resorted to adding images to the business page, notifying users that this is a Fake Listing and urging caution.


Fake Google Business Pages


See his work whilst still up: agarwal packers and movers delhi


How Bad is the Situation?


Last week I notified Google My Business of the situation and they are working through the list, but given the sheer scale of the problem, it will be a while before this gets rectified.

The Spam is not only Hijacked listing but #phonenumbers being included within the address fields.


Hijacked and Spam Google Business Pages


On the back of the report last week I added a article on how to report Spam business pages in the Google My Business learn section.

And if all else fails …..

Fake Notification Google Business Pages

I take my hat off to you Preeti Sikka