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When Fake Good Reviews are Bad for Business

So you decided to hire a SEO company that would improve your visibility online, this included a review strategy, which turned out to be Fake Reviews and not from your customers, whats even worse is those fake good reviews are now becoming bad for business.

Apart from fake reviews being illegal in the UK, any potential new customer using the businesses reviews to make that final purchasing decision, will probably realise that the business has used fake reviews ( how could you not ) and choose to look elsewhere.


Fake Good Reviews


The business terminated their relationship with the SEO company after seeing these reviews and is trying to have them removed. The business has also reported a significant reduction in bookings.


Fake Good Reviews on Google


The standard response that we give any business dealing with fake reviews is to flag the reviews and contact business support to report them.

Worryingly, business support in this instance replied that they would not be removing as they were not impacting the business negatively. I only have the users word on this response, but if true, business support needs to revisit their procedures.

Googlebot should also be looking at how so many obviously fake reviews got past their filters.