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What are Justifications in Local Search?

Local Search is really catching up with Traditional Search Results where Google is working really hard to match user intent in the local pack, local finder and maps, which are generated from Google my Business profiles. (Yup – Google My Business now refers to listings / pages as profiles)   What are Local Justifications? Justifications […]

Best Local SEO Consultancy – UK – Winner

Online Ownership has been named Best Local SEO Consultancy – UK In the 2020 Midlands Enterprise Awards. What a great way to end what has become a year to forget.   Midlands Enterprise Awards 2020   Now in its fourth year, the Midlands Enterprise programme continues to recognise SMEs of all sizes across the region […]

Local Service Ads (LSA) Opens to UK

Local Service Ads (LSA) is now available for UK and some of Europe to Sign Up to the program. That escalated quickly, or rather Local Service Ads did. Three days after my Local Service Ads coming to the UK post they have opened up the sign up form.   Sign Up Open To LSA   […]

Local Service Ads (LSA) Imminent for UK & Europe

Google Local Service Ads (LSA) looks set to be rolling out in the UK & Europe sometime soon as they update their Local Service Ads documentation. But there are some crucial differences this time, compared to their UK launch attempt in 2018, which they later removed from documentation, until now.   Recap on Local Service […]

My Local SEO Clients & COVID-19 Business Survival

I am not going to sugar coat the last few months under lock down and COVID, it has been bloody tough. I have also been quite shocked at how other marketers have been unable to adapt to the COVID challenge that businesses faced and still continue to try and push the same old techniques: Rank […]

Subtle Differences of Events & Exhibitions in the Knowledge Panel

With more and more people noticing Events being displayed in the Knowledge Panel (not always correctly) there is a rise in incorrect information being written that assumes Events and Exhibitions being displayed are equal. Putting spam events aside there are subtle differences to Events and Exhibitions.     The Difference Between Events & Exhibitions Although […]