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My Postcard has NOT arrived from Google to Verify My Business

Postal services differ around the world, sometimes Google My Business Verification Postcard arrive late, or never arrive at the business address at all.

Note: Please don’t think this is a way to circumnavigate postal verification.

  • You must have ordered the verification
  • It has to have been longer then 2 weeks since requesting verification postcard
  • You will still need to verify the business address and its existence


Steps to Take when Verification Postcard has not arrived


It is easier if you are logged into your Google+ Account.


How to Contact Google Business Support


  1. Log into Google My Business Dashboard:
  2. Select local listing:- Manage Location
  3. Top left drop-down menu:- Support
  4. Scroll to bottom of Help Menu:- Contact Us – Need More Help?
  5. Verification:- I requested a postcard more than 14days ago
  6. Click on Help Document Link
  7. Scroll to bottom of help article:- Email – Send and Email


Update: At the moment there is a email support link on this help doc:


Step by Step with Images

Images start once you have logged into the Google My Business dashboard and have selected the local listing.

Step 1

Contact Google Business Support- Step 1

Step 2

Contact Google Business Support- Step 2

Step 3

Contact Google Business Support- Step 3

Step 4

Contact Google Business Support- Step 4

Step 5

Contact Google Business Support- Step 5

Step 6

Contact Google Business Support- Step 6


Step by Step with Video


Six steps to find support from a human is not ideal. With a bit of luck Google Business Pages does an about turn, and returns the contact us options back to where they were.

Other option include using your AdWords account to contact support, then selecting Google My Business in the help options on the phone call, or trying the Google My Business help forum, but we may ask you to contact business support for certain issues anyway.
You will normally receive a phone call within 24hrs to your business phone number, to either confirm this has been verified or they need additional questions answered.