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SEO Hot Tip on Google Business Listings

In SEO a weekly read of what the “Google Gods” are up to, is mandatory. Most weeks you just get some updates and what the engineers are trying out, but this week revealed a little bit extra.

The boring bit first. Google Business Listings name is being changed over to Google Place or Places. I am not going to go into their rational behind the change, just be aware that when you log in to update your listing you might think you are in the wrong section. No, they have changed the name.

Google Business Listings

Google Business Listing


Now for the juicy bit. Within the Business listings, sorry, Places, they are trying something new. They are going to be bringing internal photos of your property or business to make it more personable to your customer. They are rolling/testing this at the moment in the US and Japan, and they say in other countries if the tests prove successful, and they will send a Google photographer around to get the shots.

Now the SEO tip

I have registered all my SEO clients; this is pot luck because as word gets out it is going to be massive. How will this benefit SEO? Well it is a testing phase, and if they send a Google photographer out they will probably pick a couple thousand and those will go live to gauge response in this country. Now, those that are tested will most likely have a little widget next to their URL in the search results making it a real eye catcher! A real eye catcher means traffic catcher, see where I’m going. These tests will probably hang around for about six months giving those lucky enough to be picked a good year’s head start on their competitors, and then it might take their competitors a while to catch on anyway.



Name has changed from Google Places to Google My Business.

You can access this account dashboard here: