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Reporting Gmail Spam – (Spam Emails from a Gmail Account)

This morning on Google+ I came across a post from +Trey Collier who had recieved yet another Spam email from a Gmail account, clearly pissed at this Trey posted:


How to report Gmail Spam?

There are 2 ways to report gmail spam. Directly  or if in Gmail you can follow the laborious steps in the second half of this post


Directly Report Gmail Spam – Quickest Way !


Follow this link to the Page, fill in the details and submit : Report Gmail Spam



Report Gmail Spam


Now for the Really, Really, Really long way.


Reporting Gmail Spam in Gmail Account


Top right hand corner click the Tools, then navigate to Help



Report Gmail Spam in Gmail


Scroll down to  >> Fix an Issue, then >> Message, then >>  Unwanted or Suspicious Mail



Report Gmail Spam - Fix an Issue


You then have a choice of 9 types of Unwanted or Suspicious Mail. Make your selection and then follow the process, giving all the necessary details.


The Gmail Spam Email that Sparked todays Post


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