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Products Inventory (Beta) in Google My Business Dashboard

Products Menu (Beta) available in the Google My Business dashboard. This allows small businesses to be able to add products manually to their business listing and is visible in mobile search. This allows the small businesses that do not have the ability to integrate product feeds via Google merchant and or use Pointy, that automatically integrates and updates product inventory via api.

At this stage I am guessing that these products added will also show within push notification, like they do currently with large retailers.


Product Inventory Menu in Google My Business Dashboard - Online Ownership


The product menu works exactly like the restaurant menu and services menu.

The main difference is that the Products Inventory section is not within the “info” section, but rather its own section within the GMB dashboard navigation, however the steps to adding are the same as services / menu layout.


Products Section in Google My Business Navigation - Online Ownership


Adding your Products to Google Business Listing

View Updated: How to Add Product Inventory

1. Create Category / Collection


Step 1 - Create product Category / Collections - Online Ownership


2. Add Product Image & Name


Step 2 - Add Product Image and Name - Online Ownership


3. Add Product Price & Description


Step 3 - Add Product Price and Description - Online Ownership


Products Appear in Business Listing

Currently displayed only in mobile.


Product Inventory Displayed in Mobile Search results - Online Ownership


I have only found this displayed for this business at the moment and is not displaying in other types of retailers dashboards yet. Let me know if it is appearing in your dashboard.