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New Google My Business Page Insights and using the Data

Google My Business has quietly improved the Page Insights on Google Business Pages, and they look fabulous, with much clearer business data for business owners. A local business can now see  more actionable information about their business page:

  • visibility
  • engagement
  • audience
  • clicks
  • driving requests
  • phone calls


Business Page Insights: Visibility


The Business Page Visibility section now provides information on how a user found their Google Business Page:

  • from Search
  • from Google+ post
  • from Photos

Business Page Insights - Visibility


The individual tabs can be clicked to remove a particular query from graph, and like analytics you can hover over the lines for more information.

Business Page Insights - Visibility 1


Business Page Insights: Engagement


The Engagement section within Business Page Insights provides data only on posts. The enagement information on posts is broken down into:

  • total actions
  • +1 on posts
  • comments on posts
  • shares of posts

Business Page Insights - Engagement

Engagement report goes further by providing information on all the recent post over the selected time period. Information includes date it was shared, what it contained ( photo or linked content ), actions on post and views.

Business Page Insights - Engagement - Recent Posts

Google My Business insights then provides an Average actions by post type breakdown, which can be used to give an overview of what types of posts attracted what types of engagement from users.

Business Page Insights - Engagement -  Posts

Business Page Insights: Audience


The Audience Insight report has not changed, it provides how many followers over your selected time period of 7, 30, 90 days

Business Page Insights - Audience

For pages with 200 or more followers, your Audience Insights, breaks your followers down by Gender.

Business Page Insights - Audience - Gender

And the final section of the Audience Insight is information on engagement on posts by Gender & Age.

Business Page Insights - Audience - Gender Age

Business Page Insights: Clicks


The next section of Business Insights for a Local Business Page is Clicks. Clicks are broken down by

  • total clicks
  • clicks to your website
  • for driving directions
  • for phone calls

Business Page Insights - Clicks



Business Page Insights: Driving Directions


Business Page Insights for driving directions have not changed much, they are now a bit more accurate with county separation, but actionable data is still very thin since the Heat Maps first appeared.

Business Page Insights - Audience - Driving Directions


Business Page Insights: Phone Calls


Phone Call tracking in insights provides information on the amount of times people clicked to call the business by phone, from the Google Business Page and on what day of the week.

Business Page Insights - Phone Calls

Business Page Insights: Collecting the Data


Graphs are all very well to look at, but how do we collect the data over time so we can track, monitor and use it?

Step 1:  Select the 90 Days in All sections
Step 2:  Highlight entire page with Ctrl + A
Step 3:  Copy the information Ctrl + C
Step 4:  Paste to Excel, Paste > Text or Values Only

Business Page Insights - Data

Set up a reminder to download every 90 days.


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