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Multiple Owners for Google Business Pages & Accounts

Google My Business now allows multiple owners of a Google business page and accounts. Users in the owner role of an individual location or business account can now add additional users in the owner role.


Multiple Owners for Google Business Page

Multiple Owners

A primary owner will be the first person to claim or verify the business page. Additional owners of the business can then be added.

If you are adding someone to manage the account, please assign as Manager or Communications manager.


Conflict Resolution

When a rogue agency or previous owner will not transfer ownership, this is where multiple ownership really becomes useful.

You will need to request ownership access to the account. Once added the new owner, will be able to request verification of their ownership as the Primary Owner via Google Business Support.

Once assigned as Primary owner they will then be able to remove the secondary owner holding the account hostage.


Adding New Owner

Log into account

Select Page Settings


Multiple Ownership Page Settings


Select Managers


Managers for Google Business Pages


Select Manage Permissions


Manage Pernissions for Google Business Page


Select a role to assign to user


Choose a Role in Manage Permissions


Add the email of user to invite


Invite Owner to Business Page


The invited owner then needs to accept the invite.
Step by Step to Transferring Ownership


Requesting Ownership, Conflict Resolution

For Local business page, one that displays address:

To request / claim ownership of a verified Google business page, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go To:
  2. Click: Get on Google
  3. Search for business name
  4. Select the correct business
  5. Select Request admin rights
  6. Fill in form
  7. Submit


See Full Ownership Request


Request Admin Ownership of Google Business Page


For a SAB ( serviced area business ) with the address hidden, you cannot request ownership via Google My Business. In this instance you should contact Google Business Support directly.