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Menu Misery for GMB Restaurants & Singleplatform Feed

Once again Google is forcing unverified and incorrect menu information direct into restaurants Google My Business listings.

There is a long history going back years with Singleplatform being used by Google My Business, originally added as a menu link, ordering and now injecting their Menu direct into a restaurants Menu Tab. In every complaint I have viewed the Singleplatform listing for the restaurant is unverified.

Singleplatform Unverified Menu Used by Google My Business - Online Ownership

Typically a restaurant only realises that this menu has been injected into their business listing when a customer complains to them.

Incorrect Old Menu via Singleplatform - Online Ownership

The problem with using unverified / scraped data from Singleplatform is that the restaurant does not know of its existence (until a complaint) and the menu items and prices are out of date and inaccurate.

Incorrect Menu Prices via Singleplatform - Online Ownership

What Should Restaurants Do Now

You cannot delete the menu, because its a feed from Singleplatform and will re-appear.

  1. Log into your GMB listing and add your menu to your listing – this will override the Singleplatform menu
  2. Contact Singleplatform and request removal of your restaurant from their site



I highly recommend that you contact Singleplatform and request removal of your restaurant from their site, do not ask to update or claim, for which they will charge you $109 Per Month (I kid you not) for the privilege of correcting your stolen content.

To locate your listing on Singleplatform listing you can Google a few variations:

  • singleplatform + restaurant name
  • singleplatform + restaurant name + location
  • + restaurant name
  • + restaurant name + location


After you have the URL for the listing on their site, go direct to their customer support form:

Request immediate removal of your restaurant.