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Menu Bugs in Restaurant GMB Dashboards

There is a growing problem with the Menu Tab disappearing in restaurants Google My Business dashboards. This issue first appeared mid May with users noticing that their Menu displayed in mobile devises where incorrect and how to update them.

Since then this Menu Bug has grown into a variety of issues:


  1. Menu tab is missing from restaurants dashboard – unable to access
  2. Menu Tab is available in dashboard – empty – but menu displayed in mobile
  3. Menu tab is available in dashboard – intact – when updating items or price – saves, but opening again shows pre edit


This currently only seems to be affecting US restaurants.


Menu Tab Missing Unable to Access

Menu tab is missing from the restaurants dashboard
Menu Tab Missing from Restaurants Google My Business Dashboards - Online Ownership

Without access to the Menu – restaurants cannot update their Menu displayed to users in mobile devises.

Restaurant Menu Displayed in Mobile - Online Ownership

This appears to be the bulk of menu problems reported.


Menu Tab Available but Menu Missing

The Menu Tab is available but the menu uploaded is missing and cannot update a missing menu that is displayed live to users.

Menu Tab Available But Menu Empty - Online Ownership

Users report that adding to the empty menu does not over-wright the current menu or original menu displayed to users.


Menu Tab Available, Menu Available But Not Updating

There have been two reports from users on this issue.

The Menu Tab is available, the original added menu is available, but updating the menu does not save and opening the menu again displays the previous menu.


You can view the main forum thread here.

Unfortunately these is no work around for these issues.


There was a missing menu bug in Feb 2018 which was fixed quickly.

Google My Business is aware but there is no time frame to a fix being available.