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Local Search Result Change from 7 Pack to 3 Business Snak Pack

It looks like the traditional 7 Pack for Local Business Pages have now become a 3 Business Page Snack Packs.

Every query I have looked at is displaying this new local page snack pack, so I am pretty confident this is a rollout and not a test.

24hrs after this rollout, general consensus has termed it “local stack” as the snack pack that we see for hospitality sector looks slightly different.


7 Pack vs 3 Business Snack Pack


It all makes sense now with the removal of the Google+ Page link from unverified pages over the past week.

New Local Pack Estate Agent


All business pages have the Google+ page link missing


New Local Pack Dentist


Verified and Unverified Display


Click on a Verified business page in the local stack and you get all the business information.

verified page in snack pack


Click on an Unverified business page in the local stack and you get a basic info box.


unverfied business page new snack pack


Waiting on confirmation from Google, but my money is on rollout.