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Live Link appearing in Knowledge Info Panel

Whilst conducting some research into the Fashion Industry’s uptake of Google+ I came across a Live Link appearing in Google’s Knowledge Info Panel again.

This is not the first time live links have been shown in the knowledge info panel before. Google tested live links in the knowledge info panel in Nov 2012, Jan 2013 but had disappeared by Feb 2013.

Update: After discussions with people on the plus and searching through screen shots and images, it would appear that this Live Link re appeared in Recent Posts in the knowledge info panel around Oct 2013. So not new, just unnoticed unless you add a URL within the post text.


Live Link in Google+


Live Link showing in Knowledge Info Panel

The Live Link appears in the first line of the post. Presently the live link does not appear if link is posted within the Add Link, only if it appears within post text.


Live Link in Google+ 3


As I initially spotted this on Asos and i could not replicate for a while, I believed that this was an earned Live Link based on some form of authority, However since then I have been able to replicate the Live Link showing for less authoritative Brand pages in the Knowledge Info Panel.


live link in knowledge info panel

It remains to be seen if this is another test or will this become a permanent feature.


Previous Test of Live Links in Knowledge Info Panel

These were the initial tests with Live Links in the Knowledge Info Panel, evolving from 2 recent post segments both with live links, to 2 recent posts with singular live link.


Date: 18 Nov 2012
Knowledge Info Panel 20 Nov 2012


Date: 15 Jan 2013

Knowledge Info Panel 15 Jan 2013


Date: 12 Feb 2013

Knowledge Info Panel 12 Feb 2013



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