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Knowledge Graph Displacing Business Knowledge Panels

The new Knowledge Graph layout that was rolled out last week is today displacing Business Knowledge Panels, but not for all businesses. Is this an April fools or part of wider bugs being reported with business pages disappearing from maps and local packs.

The Business Information has been removed from the Knowledge Panel and replaced with a Knowledge Graph. There is now a Map appearing within the organic result section. All details of website, reviews, summary description, reservation, booking information is no longer visible.


This is a bug with business pages. If you move the businesses PIN marker the information re-appears as normal. See Reports


Knowledge Graph Displaces Businesses Knowledge Panel


This is what a page looks like now for a business that has a Wiki page. With the business information relegated to the Map.


Knowledge Graph Removes Knowledge Panel


This is what the Business Knowledge Panel looked like previously.


Business Knowledge Panel


All of the business information, reviews, reservations, bookings are no longer visible.


Reported Bug and Fix


Moving the PIN marker slightly, restores the information. Google My Business is working on the bug fix.

Log into your Business Page and re-align your PIN marker. If you do not have a verified page, contact Google business support