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How to Report Photos in your Google Business Page

With an upsurge of people adding their own business photos to competitors Google Business Pages, Google Business Support has added an inappropriate photo reporting feature to their reporting system.

Photos are added via the “Upload a Public Photo”, in this recent case, another Man and Van business, was uploading their own images with their phone number.

report photos Google business page

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How to Report Photos in a Google Business Page


You need to be logged into your Google account to report incorrect or inappropriate photos in a google business page that you cannot access or remove yourself.

  • Navigate to Google business support
  • Select form of contact
  • If email selected a form will appear that needs to be completed
  • Add the image details, preferably urls of the images
  • Submit form
  • Business support will reply within 24hrs


Go to Google Business Support :


Contact Us


Top right hand navigation, select Contact Us

Drop down menu will appear

report photos on google business page



>> Photos, reviews or business summaries

>> Inappropriate photo

>> Select Phone or Email


If you select phone, please ensure you are in the office, if not use the Email form.


report photo to google

The email form needs to be filled in with all relevant details and offending photo URL’s

Report Photos Form to Google Business Support

A Google Business Support Rep will now check the details that you provided and where relevant remove the offending photos from the Google Business page. If you used the email form, you will normally receive a phone call within 24hrs to your business phone number, to either confirm that the photos have been removed or they may need additional information.


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