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How to Create a Google Business Website

Google My Business launches their free website for business with a Google business listing that don’t have a website. From today when a business logs into their Google My Business dashboard you will have the additional Website tab in the menu. This Google business website is a single page, mobile friendly website that uses your business listing information to populate the main details.

See: the Google website I created for Online Ownership, yes you can still create one if you already have a website.

User has a choice of themes, headline, description and body copy. Google My Business will be expanding on the websites functionality over time to include analytics, call to action buttons. Website domain will be or you can use your own domain.

This is only available to businesses that have a Google business page. If you do not have a Google business listing you can start here. If your business has an unclaimed listing, you will need to claim the business listing to gain access.

You will be eligible for the website as soon as you have created the business listing, even whilst waiting for verification, however if the listing gets suspended, then the website will be 404’d.


How to Create a Google Business Website

  • Log into your Google My Business Dashboard
  • Manage Location
  • Select Website in Main Menu
  • Select Theme
  • Header Image Extracted from Owner Photos
  • Text Edit – Headline, Description, Summary Header, Summary Body
  • Add Photos for Footer Images
  • Settings – Create Domain Name
  • Publish


Step by Step to Creating Free Google Website


Log into Google My Business Dashboard and select Manage Location for Business


  • Select Website in Main Menu
  • Website Builder will begin to populate

Select website in Google Business Dashboard to start the website builder


  • Select Theme
  • Use Tick to Save
  • You can change as and when you want to

Select Theme for Free Google Business Website


  • Select Text Edit
  • Headline
  • Description
  • Summary Header
  • Summary Body

Use the Text Editor to add Headline, Summary and body copy to website


  • Settings – Create Domain Name
  • Select or Deselect if you want this to be your website attached to business listing
  • Publish

Select your Domain and publish your Google Website

As mentioned earlier its a single page, very streamlines website, very intuitive and straight forward. Keep up the good work Google My Business and we hope to see further advances in the website builder.


Optimizing your Google website

The Free Google Website builder for Google business listings does not offer any real “SEO” optimization features at the moment, like setting Title or Description meta tags, a business should concentrate on basic on page Local SEO principles detailed in this How to Optimize your Google Business Website.


Video: Creating Google Business Website