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How to Add Products Inventory to a Google Business Listing

Product Inventory in Google My Business is coming out of Beta and should becoming to your dashboard near you soon with the usual exclusions being lodging categories.

The product menu works exactly like the restaurant menu and services menu.

The main difference is that the Products Inventory section is not within the “info” section, but rather its own section within the GMB dashboard navigation, however the steps to adding are the same as services / menu layout.

Adding Product Inventory to a Google Business Listing - Online Ownership

Adding Products to your Google Business Listing

  1. Log into your GMB Dashboard:
  2. Select Products (Main Navigation)
  3. Create Category or Collection
  4. Add Image
  5. Add Product Name
  6. Add Product Price
  7. Add Product Description
  8. Repeat with Next Product


Select Products in Navigation


Products Section in Google My Business Navigation - Online Ownership


Create Category or Collection


Product Inventory Menu in Google My Business Dashboard - Online Ownership


Add Image and Product Name


Step 2 - Add Product Image and Name - Online Ownership


Add Product Price and Product Description


Step 3 - Add Product Price and Description - Online Ownership


Edit Products

By clicking on the ⋮ next to the created product you can: