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Holiday Hours & Special Hours now available on Google Business Pages

Business owners are now able to set different Holiday Hours and Special Hours for specific dates in their Google local business page if they differ from regular hours.

Note: You can only set Holiday & Special hours if you have set regular business hours


Holiday Hours & Special Hours


Holiday Hours: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day etc etc

Special Hours: Additional hours over and above your regular hours, for example late night Christmas opening or extended hours during summer holidays and half term.

Holiday Hours


The display will also change. In the above screenshot the business has not set any Holiday hours for Christmas eve. A red message appears beside the hours, ” Christmas Eve might affect these hours

If the Holiday hours are set, a Green message will appear, “Holiday Hours.

This provides that extra information for a customer who may be unsure if the business will be open when they arrive.


Adding Holiday Hours & Special Hours


Google Local Business Page Special Hours

Google My Business App

To manage holiday / special hours via the Google My Business app, follow normal route to business information, select hours, holiday hours below regular set hours.

( My app has not updated yet )


GMBL: Bulk Management

To manage holiday / special hours for GMBL :

In your bulk upload spreadsheet, locate the “Special hours” column.
Enter the affected days and their special hours in the following format, with “x” to designate an all-day closure. You can enter hours in 24-hour format:


or AM/PM format:


Separate each set of hours with a comma. To enter multiple sets of opening hours in one day, separate the sets into two entries, with a comma in between. For example, the following represents hours for a business that’s open for two distinct periods on December 26, 2015:

2015-11-26: x, 2015-12-25: x, 2015-12-26: 10:00-16:00, 2015-12-26: 17:00-18:00, 2016-1-1: 00:00-00:00

GMBL Holiday Hours Spreadsheet


Single Local Business Page

Holiday hours at the moment are not available in the traditional business information dashboard, but there is a work around.

Got to your Dashboard:

Then switch to List View

Business Dashboard List View


Select your Business Page


Google business page list view


This brings up the quick editor, which includes the new Holiday / Special hours that you are able to set.


Google business page holiday special hours


Holiday / Special hours are able to be set 365 days ( 12 months ) in advance.

The Official GMB Help Doc


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