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Google Webmaster Guidelines in 6 New Videos

6 great new videos released by Google, to help explain some questions about your website on Google.

The clips cover:

  • Textual content on site, do i need text on site ?
  • How do i merge multiple sites to one site?
  • Do images pass page rank? (see how Matt Cutts leaves the clip)
  • How does Google search work?
  • How does Google view AJAX?
  • How do Google’s human raters evaluate a site?


New Google Webmaster Guidelines  Videos

These videos are for all people who want to get a little insight into the world of Google, not just in SEO or Online Marketing.

The videos cover : Content, Web Spam, Page Rank and more.

Textual Content

Merging Websites

Page Rank and Images

How does Google Search Work?

Google and AJAX

Google and Human Raters