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Google rel=author tag for Impressive SERP results

Google demands content NOW, there are no ifs and no but’s about it.

I have felt the frustration from website owners, “I work 18 hours a day, when am i going to find the time to write content”.

This is very true, BUT Google has given us the rel=author tag to use and the results are very impressive in the SERP’s. By using the rel=author tag, your 1 blog post a month will be given the ultimate boost, and not  “I’m going through the motions because Google tells me to”.


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The rel=author tag is created from your Google plus account and inserted at the end of your blog post.
DO NOT add it to your all your site pages, this is for the rel=publisher tag.


Google rel=Author Tag


Google Plus Page URL will look like this :


Add your html code :

  • <a href=””>+Tim Capper</a>

Add this code to the end of your blog post or news page.

I am currently experimenting by using it to sign my forum posts, will post results.

Google+ Page

In your profile, add the websites url to your contributor section, this will help Google to make the connection between your profile and the site that you are using your rel=author tag on.

+1 your post / news article to your Google+ page, this again tells Google, that you are connected to that sites page.

It may take a little while for your profile picture to appear next to the page in the search results, but once it has, every post from then will appear with your profile picture attached automatically, as long as you have added the rel=author tag.



Google  rel=author tag


In this image i have 2 post appearing for the same term. Interestingly these post are over 2 years old and have been given a new lease of life within the SERP’s again


google rel=author tag






The Google+ rel=author tag is a fantastic tool, for individuals wanting a boost in the SERP’s get yourself onto Google Plus.

SEO’s, use this tag on a clients post to show them the effect it has on their content, it will definatly convince them of the benefit.