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Google Posts for Local Business in Search & Maps

Google Posts via Google My Business rolled out globally and across the majority of local business categories. Creating a post on Google through Google My Business allows you to publish events, products and services directly and instantly in search and maps.


Google Posts in Search And Maps via Google My Business


Currently Hotels, B&B’s, holiday cottages (Lodging Category) are not supported but Google My Business is working on bringing Google Posts to these soon.

If you’re not in this category and still don’t have local posts, fill out this form and Google Posts support will check the issue.


How to Create a Google Post

You can create a Google Post in Desktop via the Google My Business dashboard or in Mobile via the Google My Business app.

Create a Google Post – Desktop

  • Log into Google My Business Dashboard
  • Select the Business >> Manage Location
  • Select Posts in Menu
  • Create a Post
  • Add an Image (750 x 750 ideal)
  • Write the Post (100 – 300 words)
  • Add a Call to Action Button or Make it an Event
  • Preview
  • Publish


Create a Google Post in Google My Business Desktop


Create a Google Post – Mobile

  • Log into Google My Business App
  • Select Posts in Menu
  • Create a Post
  • Add an Image (750 x 750 ideal)
  • Write the Post (1500 characters)
  • Add a Call to Action Button or Make it an Event
  • Preview
  • Publish

Create a Google Post in Google My Business Mobile App

The mobile version was the first testing version that we had available and it became a real effort to resize images, add text and switching between windows to copy the url needed for call to action button. I personally find the desktop easier and more efficient to create and manage posts.


Creating your Google Post

After logging into your preferred Google My Business dashboard, select Post or Create a Post.

Post Image

Minimum: 250 x 250
Maximum: 750 x 750

Desktop version has an inbuilt cropper available, whilst the mobile version is a bit hit and miss. If using mobile version to create post, then it would be advisable to edit image on another app before uploading.

Text / Body Copy

Desktop: 100 – 300 words
Mobile: 1500 characters

The first three sentences are visible in search display, so make these count with a solid call to action or concise description of what the post entails.

Call to Action

Make this Post and Event:
This allows for a date rage to be added and the post is displayed until date range has expired.

Add a Button:

  • Learn More
  • Reserve
  • Sign Up
  • Buy
  • Get Offer

Add the direct URL to the specific page on website.

Google Posts in Knowledge Panel

Duration & Amount of Posts

A Google Post lasts for 7 days with 10 posts being displayed at any one time. Google posts don’t have their own dedicated url but the team has mentioned they are looking at this …. they killed of G+ integration too soon .


Google Post Insights

The only data given at the moment is within the actual post itself, which is rather frustrating as you need to scroll through them to get an idea as to views and click into post to see if there was any interaction.

The other limitation is what is a View, was this when it was seen as part of a knowledge panel display, display in maps or a scroll through?

Google Posts Engagement and Insights

The ideal would be to include this into insights section with some meaningful metrics. Unfortunately Google My Business feels that local business like pretty top line metrics, not actionable metrics which is a constant request from Google TC’s to the team … we can only hope.


Great Branding

This is great branding for local businesses, its eye catching and if your messaging is correct, very informative. This is certainly worth setting aside some time each week to plan your weekly Google Posts.