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Google Local Pages introduce Directions HeatMap & Call Tracking

Last week Google Local Pages or My Business introduced Direction heatmaps and Call tracking into the Insights dashboard.


Google Local Direction heatmap


Google Local Page Direction Heatmaps

Log into Dashboard :

Select >> Insights


Google Local Page Insights


The Local Direction heatmap indicates where a user selected directions to your business address via the Google+ Local Page.

The direction heatmap below is for a hotel located on the outskirts of Ipswich. Youu can see that all the direction requests came from central ish Ipswich and the main station. ( Remember the heatmap will also be displayed based upon cell tower triangulation, and a little imagination is required )


Google Local Direction heatmap insights


How can I use this to better serve or inform my customers?

In this instance, it makes sense for most enquiries to come from cental Ipswich encompassing the train station. Looking at the directions page on the site, may explain why they used the Google Local Page for directions.


Google Local Direction heatmap uses

We have failed to provide direction to the hotel from the center of Ipswich and the Train station.

These direction heatmaps provide an insight into where your customers need help in finding your business location, where possible you can provide it to them prior to their request.

Some heatmaps do not display a heatmap, I can only assume that the request for directions where all from individual locations and a heatmap over 30 days will not be able to display this, perhaps over time, 6 mnth, 1 yr, these should start building a heatmap signature.


Google Local Direction heatmap


Google Local Page Call Tracking

This feature, only shows the days of the week, average time of calls and an approximate number of call, coming from a user on your Google Local page.

Not enough information provided here, perhaps a location heatmap may also be included at a later stage, which could really provide some great insight.

At the moment, its nice to see people finding the Local Page and using the number.


Google local page call tracking

Overall two nice additions to Google Local Page insights and hopefully as time extends they will reveal interesting data and ideas for local businesses.