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Google Image Spam for Businesses Still Rampant

Its been a while since I reported on Google Image Spam on business listings, but it is still rampant and building points for Google Local Guides to boot.


Google Image Spam for Businesses


The fact that Dewan feels confident in using a Local Guide profile shows the lack of oversite on image spam. All the images have been posted in the space of a month. Which raises the question, “Are there any algos used to detect Image spam”

Looking at Dewans original images, it would seem that Dewan resides in Bangladesh, yet he has manage to add 88 images on business listings across the US and Canada in the past 30 days.

Algo … I think Not!

It also shows the lack of management of Google business pages by businesses in general, which I raised back in June 2016 here.


Reporting Image Spam

Next to the Users Name, select the 3 dots, which opens a drop down menu.


Reporting Google Business Image Spam


Select report image and fill in the report.

If you come across a user like this that is clearly mass image spamming, please post in the Google My Business forum, so we can escalate the issue and have the images removed and user banned.