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Online Ownership provides external compliance auditing to companies that deal with Google My Business Listings in a 3rd party capacity and at scale.

Compliance auditing involves an independent, comprehensive review of the adherence to Google My Business Third Party Policies.

Google My Business Compliance Auditing Service by Online Ownership

Online Ownerships (Tim Capper) is a UK Google My Business product expert and trusted verifier by Google.

Types of GMB Compliance Auditing

One Off Compliance Audits

One off audits to ensure that systems in place are 3rd party policy compliant, this assumes that the company has an internal auditor that maintains policy and that any new GMB policies are adhered to.

The typical use of a one off compliance audit is after the company has suffered from mass suspensions of clients business listings.

Regular Compliance Audits

We offer monthly, bi-yearly and annual compliance audits.

If the company uses call handlers as part of their process – this part can only be audited in the UK.

These audits take place on the premises and require full access to systems, agents and call handlers.

This service also involves keeping the company updated of any new 3rd party policy updates from Google and the correct implementation of these by the company.

Deficiency Identification

If a deficiency is identified that does not impact a 3rd party business we recommend changes to implemented by next audit.

If a deficiency is identified that has affected a 3rd party business we request immediate rectification and depending on the severity of deficiency the company will be reported for the 3rd party policy violation.

3rd Party Business Complaints

If a 3rd party business has followed a link from a companies website please note the following:

Invoicing matters are not part of Googles 3rd party policies, you will need to take this up as a normal business practice, civil matter or see your solicitor.

If you claim that you did not sign up for a service related to your Google My Business listing, you will be required to give Online Ownership permission to:

  1. Listen to all audio recordings of your interaction with company
  2. View all email correspondence with the company

If we find that the company in question has deliberately violated 3rd party policy regarding your complaint:

  1. Provide notice to the company
  2. Regardless of the companies resolution, the company will be reported for 3rd party policy violations

If you have not come via a companies compliance audit page where Online Ownership is listed as the auditor, but want to report a company for 3rd party policy violations, then please use this form:

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Multi Location Google My Business Consulting

Multi location and franchise google my business listing type accounts come with inherent problems, especially when not set up and managed correctly

We Can Help With:

  • Trubleshooting multiple suspension
  • Best practise for Agency & Organisation accounts
  • Optimisation of the multiple business profiles
  • Consultation on management of multi listing
  • Full set up, integration and management

GMB Consulting

Google My Business FAQs

We constantly publish updates and tips on our local SEO blog and will update this FAQ’s page with relevant How To’s relating to Google My Business.

If you can’t find an answer to your business page question, please reach out.

Including managing multi locations for agencies and organisations.






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