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Google Business Pages: Hollywood vs Businesses

So it seems that rather then spending time fixing the leaks in the ship that is HMS Google My Business, Google would rather help Hollywood and their latest movie Skull Island.

“Come on Tim, its only a movie!” yup, it is only a movie but whilst business have issues getting verified based on new locations in Maps, the constant moving of support functions and the near impossible removal of reviews, the addition of Skull Island really shows us where Google’s stance is when it comes to fixing all the things that matter to businesses around the world.

Explore Skull Island

Skull Islands verified business page:

Skull Islands verified google my business page

“Brands, organisations, artists and other online-only businesses should create a brand page instead of a Google My Business listing”

“In order to qualify for a Google My Business listing, a business must make in-person contact with customers during its stated hours”

“Reviews should be a genuine reflection of your experience with a place”

“Reviews aren’t meant to be a forum for general political or social commentary, or personal rants”

Let the Spam Begin

You have got to have a little giggle at the spam already appearing.

Image spam on Google business listings

Fun over, lets get back to business shall we.