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Google Algorithm, SEO and the Link Buying Dilemma

Google Caffeine is the new algorithm being implemented by the Google Gods. To level the playing field the Google Gods have deemed that links coming from a purchased source will have less weight than a “natural” link, hence the social media linking explosion.

So when is a link seen as purchased and when is a link deemed natural!

As part of the SEO process I analyse competitor’s links, giving me a better idea of their SEO strategy but also a chance to find sites where I can place links. In one of these recent analysis I came across a number one ranked site with 90% of all there links coming from Bid Directories and this leads me onto the new Google Algorithm and the question of when is a link purchased or natural.

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Before I go further I will provide a quick explanation of “purchased” links and how can a search engine tell the difference. Search engines rely on text to be able to tell. Directories used to be a great source to generate links, things have moved on, but they still exist. In the early days Directories would gladly welcome link submissions to generate content, now they cleverly ask for a fee for “quick “or speedier submission. Bid Directories will accept a submission but you need to place a bid amount to secure a certain place within that pages listing, the higher you bid the higher you are placed on that page. Then you have the link rental or advertisement space on a site. Here you pay a monthly or yearly fee for your link to appear on a page. So the question remains, how can the Google Gods tell the difference.


Clearly from my recent analysis of a competitors link structure Google has not been programmed to recognise the word “Bid” and associate it with a purchased link, I feel a new algorithmic change coming along, all is fair in love and SEO. Where I have noticed a change in link strength is from links coming from advertisement slots, banner ads, but only on sites that list their fees on page.

So if you are going to take an advertisement slot on a website make sure that the fees for advertisement on that page cannot be found on the page you are intending to advertise on.