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While the theory behind Google AdWords is simple enough, running a fully optimized campaign can be quite difficult for those who have never used AdWords before. This is where a Online Ownership, Adwords PPC management can provide help.

Online Ownership are experts in Adwords pay-per-click advertising. We can help you plan, set up, manage and optimize your campaigns, which will help you get the most out of your online advertising spending.

Online Ownership can do as little or as much as you require, from simple setting up the account, creating different Ad Groups and Campaigns, to a fully managed Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaign designed to provide the best ROI for your website and Business.


Adwords PPC Management Service

Cost for Adwords PPC Management

As a small bespoke Online company we charge a one off Set Up Fee of £60

A monthly management fee of 10% of the monthly Ad Spend. (£1000 monthly Ad spend will cost £100 in management)


Our PPC Managed Service

  • You retain the Adwords account once set up.
  • You pay for the Ad spend yourself, as a small company we cannot finance your account. When the account is created with Google yousubmit your bank account or credit card details. We will invoice you for the monthly management fee separately.


The Adwords campaign will be fully bespoke to your business and website, this can involve geotargeting, network devices, running times, Ad extensions, sitelink extensions, call extensions.

The Adwords account will be linked to your Google analytics, which allows you to monitor your Adwords campaign. We provide monthly reporting from your Adwords account and provide an Analytics dashboard report on your campaigns.

Adwords PPC Services - Northamptonshire


Google Adwords Pay-per-Click Services

Online Ownership offers bespoke  Adwords Pay-Per-Click campaign management  services,  for your site,  budget and business


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