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How to Get Small Thanks with Google Posters, Images for ALL Google Listings

If you are outside of the US or a Service Area Business listing you will have realised that Google does not allow you to generate the marketing material (Print and share your favourite reviews as custom posters, personalised videos, social images, table tents and more) with the Small Thanks with Google Tool.

That is until I found this awesome GMB ReviewMaker tool.


How to Use Small Thanks with Google for All Business Listings - Online Ownership


Get your Small Thanks with Google Material

  • Head over to GMB ReviewMaker Tool:
  • If you are a local business, search for your business >> select
  • If you are a serviced area business >> select Decode Place ID and enter full Map URL
  • Scroll down and collect your marketing material


Get your Small Thanks Marketing Material with RevieMaker Tool - Online Ownership

Search for Business Name or SAB listings select >> Decode Place ID


Marketing material from Small Thanks with Google with ReviewMaker - Online Ownership


There were a few times that the tool slowed down (I’m guessing API requests) just be patient or refresh the page.