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Editing a Closed Google My Business Listing

There are occasions when you need to make an edit to a closed Google My Business listing.

With a closed business listing you have to mark the listing as OPEN – wait for this to be applied (if at all) then suggest the edit, wait for it to be approved (normal system process) – then mark it closed again.


Editing a Closed GMB Listing

Note: For this article I have picked a Temporarily Closed listing, however edits to temp closed listings are suspended at the moment, these will be released once COVID crisis is over.

1. Open Listing in Maps

Open listing in maps, has to be on desktop.

Closed Google My Business Listing - Edit Listing - Online Ownership

2. Suggest Edit

Select suggest an edit and then – change name or other details.

Suggest Edit on Closed Google My Business Listing - Online Ownership

3. Inspect Element

You are now greeted with the Closed overlay wich you would need to mark as Open and wait for approval of edit before making suggested edit.

In Chrome – Right Click – Inspect

Select the closed overlay on screen

Inspect Closed Google My Business Page - Online Ownership

4. Delete Elements

Delete the elements for the closed overlay and the normal edit page is now visible.

Delete Element on Closed Google My Business Page - Online Ownership

5. Edit the Business Listing

Make your suggested edits

Suggest Edit on Closed Business Listing - Online Ownership

6. Send Edit

Send your edit
Editing a Closed Google Business Listing - Online Ownership

You will still need to wait for normal process of approving the edit BUT the original Closed is still in place.