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Dine-In Attribute Now Available To All Food & Drink Categories

Google My Business pulled out all the stops to get Dine-In attributes working correctly and expanded to all food and drink categories.

Dine-In Attribute Available for Restaurants - Online Ownership

Edit / Check / Update Your Attribute


  1. Go to the Info section within your GMB profile and click the edit pencil next to Accessibility
  2. Scroll to the bottom where it says ‘Service Options’
  3. You will see the ability to enable Dine-in. Click this until it turns blue with a check mark
  4. This may be under review for a few hours so give it some time before it displays


Attribute Selection for Restaurants in Service Options - Online Ownership


Whilst you are in your attribute section take a moment to check if there are any new attributes that are applicable to your restaurant.