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The Day Google’s Spam Algo Died

The Day Google’s Spam Algos died. Literally just stopped working Kaput, Broken, Drunk, Useless and Game Over against Maps Spam and Spam Google business listings.

Update: Sept 2018
Over a year and a half of bringing this address spam to Google My Business attention, its still going on and they have not closed this address spam. They have reduced the character limit (Add Line in Address) for listings from 10,000 characters (around 20 add address lines) to 5 lines.


Google My Business Address Spam - Online Ownership


So whilst they have reduced the address lines and therefore the character limit to addresses, you can still see how it is being abused:

Still think Google My Business has a workable spam algo?


Spammers are tacking advantage of the address situation in countries that allows the business to expand the address field to include directions as in “behind the Mall”. They are also inserting multiple tel numbers within the address field.

Surely these two situations can be addressed pretty easily by Google engineers, or not in this case.


To views this Maps Insanity: