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C’mon Google – Time to Allow Hotels to Use Google Posts

C’mon Google My Business, its high time you allow Hotels to use Google Posts in this time of COVID-19 where quarantined guests need information more then ever.

There are currently hundreds of thousands of people quarantined inside hotels and Google is still resisting enabling of Google Posts for hotels, you can see what they restrict here


Whats Going On in Hotels

We are not seeing much of this in the press but this is what / why hotels need to be able to communicate quickly to guests, also remember that guests are meant to be in their rooms, not wandering about:

  • Temp testing stations – allocated times
  • Allocated meal times due to restricted seating to create spacing
  • Access to medical staff and latest medical advice
  • Travel reps and country destination flight updates and departure delays


Currently hotels are providing this information in a number of ways:


  • Updating website with information, most guests are on mobile devices and are spending an inordinate amount of time explaining how to refresh (clear cache) on mobile devises to see updated info
  • Splitting up rooms with different departments who sit and call rooms individually to provided updated information
  • Creating info sheets and hand delivering to rooms – almost all have given up on this method now with 5 updates a day
  • Social media


How would Google Posts Help

Google Posts appear direct in search results after posting and the guests would not need to refresh (clear cache) to see updates.

Guests can also save the hotel in Google Maps and view updated information, again without having to wait for refreshes.

This clears up staff from calling all rooms with updates leaving reception available for emergency guest calls.

So please Google do the right thing in this time crisis. You Can Do This!

Google Needs to Allow Hotels to Use Google Posts Durning COVID-19 - Online Ownership