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Closed Business Pages get new SERP snippet of “Place Page”

Google has changed the  SERP snippet for closed Google Business Pages to Place Page. Previously all pages both closed and open had the same SERP snippet of Google+ Page.

I can only assume this is to try and differentiate between a closed and open Google Business Page.

Update: The “place Page” seems to be added to permanently closed businesses that have NO reviews.


New Snippet for Closed Google Busienss Pages

This was first posted about in the Local Search community in Google+ by +Mark Goho, asking the question,

“Anyone else see Place Page replace Google+ Page in search results?”

Checking a few closed businesses, seems to indicate that Closed Business Pages have this change.

Other users  commented that they could not replicate, leading to a the possibility of this being a test rather then full roll out.

Last month Google My Business also announced that verified business pages that get ignored for over 6 months may have their verified status removed, could these pages also see a differentiation in the future?


Closed Business Page SERP Snippet Change

Place Page SERP Snippet for other Closed Business Pages


The original query that Mark found the change displayed : visitrochester


Closed Business Page SERP Snippet


Other Closed Business Pages displaying the new SERP snippet, “Place Page” instead of Google+ Page


Closed Business Page SERP Change


Another UK Closed Business Page showing new Place Page snippet

Closed Business Page snippet change


German Closed Business Page showing Place Page snippet


Closed Business Page Snippet Change Germany

Have you noticed any changes to closed business pages ?