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Brilliant example of using an Embedded Post for Local Business

Google+ launched the Embedded post this week and naturally the experiments started. But very few brilliant examples coming out …. except one!


My test Embedded Post

One local business called Tidy up Trash : put his thinking hat on and really nailed down embedded posts and in the true spirit of what google intended with embedded posts.

George Buchan used some testimonials that people had written on his G+ page and embedded these onto his testimonials page.

Brilliant example of Embedded Post

embed google+ post


Adding Embedded Posts

You can embed public Google+ posts in your site or articles with just a few lines of HTML code. Your signed-in Google+ readers can +1 or comment on your post directly from your site or follow the author.

Use of embedded posts is subject to the Embedded Content Policy.

Adding the embedded posts to your page is quick and easy. The easiest method is to locate the post that you want to embed on and click the downward pointing arrow that indicates the menu menu icon and choose Embed post. A dialog displays with code that you can copy and paste into the desired location within your article or site

embedded google+ post