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Adding Restaurant Menu to Restaurants Google Business Page

Google My Business has been on fire recently with updates for business listings, the new one relates to restaurants being able to add their entire menu direct into the listing. The added bonus of taking the time to add your entire menu to their Google business listing is that Google uses this information to create a Featured Snippet for the menu in search results.

Adding Restaurants Menu to Google

  1. Log into your Google my Business Dashboard:
  2. Select the Restaurant in Account
  3. Info Section >> Scroll Down to Add Menu
  4. Select Add Menu


Add Restaurant Menu to Google Business Listing - Online Ownership

Add Menu Section: This could be Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Starters and Main Courses

Add Item Name the Price of the Item then Item Description.

Select Add Menu Section to create a new section and use the 3 dots to edit individual items within each section.

Menu Items, Description and Price Added to Google Business Listing - Online Ownership

Menu Appears as Featured Snippet in Search

The absolute beauty about this is that the small restaurant can now have the Featured Snippet Menu appearing without having to use restaurant structured data markup on their website, although I would still recommend marking up if you have the resources.

Restaurant Menu Featured Snippet in Search Results - Online Ownership
The one tiny oversight is the Country Currency is not displayed, but I’m sure they will correct this at some point.